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HeliumIQ allows community organizers to shift from managing communities, to scaling ecosystems.

Are you a Delaware Region entrepreneur, business professional, capital source, or student?

The Delaware Region is launching HeliumIQ in a matter of a time. Opt-in here to pre-fill your profile to help us gather the necessary data in the region.

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HeliumIQ offers an online ‘ecosystem’ for entrepreneurs


Community managers struggle to connect the individuals,
organizations, and resources that impact their stakeholders.

Over 150 interviews with fellow higher education community managers. Here is what they had to say. Do you catch yourself saying any of the following?

(If so, you might have the problem we're solving.)

"Social media is too noisy to convene a community."

"CRM platforms are for sales, not higher education needs."

"My last email campaign had a 12% open rate. Students simply don't read them."

"I spend too much time copying and pasting contact info into our spreadsheet."

"Without more bandwidth, we can't scale our mentorship program."

"Creating an ecosystem map of our region. doesn't feel sustainable."

We simply can't scale the programs we run. With HeliumIQ's intelligent pairing algorithms, our mentor program requires the same bandwidth regardless of the number of participants.

Director of Lehigh Valley LaunchBox
Penn State Lehigh Valley

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Project based learning is my primary focus. Creating a community in HeliumIQ means I can organize the contact data within my admin dashboard and run easy, effective outreach. All in one place.

Robert Gustafson
Lehigh University's Enterprise Systems Center

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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We're sharing information about the strongest communities, their leaders, and the strategies that help strong communities become stronger ecosystems.

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